Teeth Whitening

Most people simply want whiter teeth. It’s a fast, non-invasive way to brighten your teeth, your smile, and your whole face. The boost in self-confidence that goes with an attractive smile is amazing!
West Broadway Family Dental offers patients several options in teeth whitening. Dr. Rana and her staff will listen to your concerns and goals, and help determine which method is right for your situation considering your health, your teeth, your schedule, and your budget.
So many of life’s activities – drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and cola; use of tobacco products; negligent oral hygiene; medications; and even heredity – eventually cause your teeth to become discolored or stained.
With Zoom! in-office treatments, you will achieve dramatic results, eight to ten shades whiter, usually in just one visit. Special precautions are taken to protect your gums and soft tissues and to minimize the risk of sensitivity. A prescription-strength whitening agent is applied to your teeth and activated by a high-intensity light. A significantly brighter outcome is immediate!
Dr. Rana can also create custom whitening trays for you to use in the privacy and convenience of your own home. The at-home trays are carefully made using exacting standards so that the whitening gel stays where it belongs – on your teeth. He takes extra steps to be sure the trays fit perfectly (poorly fitting trays are much less effective since they allow the gel to mix with saliva). As you wear the trays for about an hour a day, you begin to see improvement in the color of your teeth right away, and the full effect in about two weeks.
For the very best results in teeth whitening, immediate enhancement and color that lasts, Dr. Rana will suggest using a combination of the in-office and take-home techniques.
A lot of over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available at your local store. But only a dentist can give you prescription-grade whitening for professional results.
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