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Dental care is an investment for you and you family, so you deserve a dental practice that works hard to accommodate you in any way possible. We are committed to informing each patient in full about the experienced dental care they will receive, so you can rest easy while in the dental chair knowing exactly what the end result will be. We also know that fitting dental care into an already busy lifestyle isn’t easy, so we extended our hours to 9am to 7pm so you don’t have to worry about missing work or taking your kids out of school for an appointment. We also provide family block appointments so you can bring your whole family together to receive their care at the same time. Come experience the difference with us!

Convenient Hours – Open 9am-7pm

Are you finding it hard to juggle your work and school schedules? It feels like every year life gets more and more hectic. We understand that fitting in routine dental care into your already busy lifestyle can be a challenge, so to accommodate we expanded our hours to be open 9am to 7pm. Want an appointment after school? No problem! What about before work? We have you covered! Our appointments run on time, every time so you can rely on us to keep your schedule.

Family Block Appointments

Is your family large enough to cause scheduling conflicts? Are you tired of bringing your kids to and from extra curricular activities and trying to balance out their schedule with yours? We want to make things easy on you, so we provide family block appointments that let you bring your whole family in together to receive care at the same time or back to back. No reason to come back for multiple appointments to cover each member of your family. Come once together and then we’ll see all of you again in 6 months!

As Few Visits as Possible

Some dental offices require several appointments to receive treatment. That means missing work multiple times and separate exams for cleaning appointments and simpler procedures like fillings and crowns. As your Burleson dentists, we believe that your time is valuable, and we’ll perform your cleanings along with your exams, and can even start your other dental work that may be needed. We want to make things as easy and convenient for you as possible, and that means fewer visits!

To experience the difference, call 617-268-8242, or complete our online form.

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